Brain Based Wellness
To Thrive In Modern Life

"Hi! I'm Dr Dani, a double board certified medical doctor & the Creator of Brain-Based Wellness. This is where I share my videos & strategies for using Brain-Based Wellness to help you overcome the challenges and stresses of modern life and become the best possible version of you naturally.

Brain-based wellness incorporates evidence-based natural medicine, neurofeedback brainwave training & neuroscience, meditation and neuro-nutrition to help you transform your brain's resilience & mental performance, elevate your energy levels and happiness and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

Whether you experience issues like Burnout, Adrenal Fatigue, Attentional Problems & Brainfog or are a peak performer who wants to perform even better, Brain-Based Wellness can help you. It IS possible to shift these issues naturally with the right tools. If you are reading this you have already taken the first step towards transformation so congratulations because starting anything is the hardest part!

About Dr Dani