About Dr Dani

" Hi! i'm dr dani, a medical
doctor who specializes in
integrative medicine &
mind body medicine  "


Hi I’m Dr. Dani

If you have ever felt like you want more out of life, to feel more fulfilled, inspired and creative and not feel held back by stress, overwhelm, or niggling chronic health issues you are in the right place.

My mission is to help you overcome stress & overwhelm, feel energized and clear headed so you can become the best possible version of you and thrive in modern busy life.

Peak performance to you may mean increased stress resistance, having more energy, improving your focus and productivity, enhancing your creativity or just generally feeling happier in daily life.

I’m a Medical Doctor & American Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine.  I specialize in helping you ‘self regulate’ your nervous system, control your emotional state and stress levels and get rid of mental patterns that don’t work for you.   

I create customized stress detox & peak brain performance programs.

I do it using cutting edge technology with neurofeedback brainwave training as well as ancient techniques from yogic and meditative traditions I’ve learned from over a decade of study with Himalayan yoga masters and top Harvard Scientists.

I am an  also an expert in Nutritional Medicine with a focus on ‘neuro-nutrition’ for brain and body optimal functioning using whole foods and targeted natural supplements for peak performance.

My Story

I went from being stressed, constantly tired and reliant on caffeine, uninspired and feeling creatively ‘dead’ inside, always getting sick and feeling constantly at war with my body to living my dream life, living between Vancouver Canada and Bali, Indonesia.  

When I look back on it now, it’s hard to believe it was the same lifetime.  

The craziest part is that when I was experiencing what I now know was ‘burnout syndrome’ in the moment I actually didn’t think much was wrong for a long time because most other successful people I knew felt pretty much the same way as I did.  It just seemed normal.

I used to work 80 hours a week as a medical doctor in a job that left me unfulfilled and exhausted, seeing 6-7 patients per hour in a busy clinic with pills as my main tool.

I needed caffeine to get through the work day and constantly got every cold that was going around.  I was over-exercising to stay fit even though I had zero energy for the gym which was making me even more depleted.  

I felt overwhelmed and uninspired but most of my friends did too so it just seemed ‘normal’ even though I knew deep down there was a better way and that I had to find it.

i used to work 80  hours
a week in a conventional dr
job that made me sad  🙁

Deciding to Be Different

I decided I needed to be different and it had to happen ASAP.  

So I flipped the paradigm on it’s head.  I started to study and practice stress resilience medicine and started doing neurofeedback brainwave training.

I became American Board certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine so I had different new tools to share with my patients and client who were suffering from the effects of stress too.

The changes in me were profound.  I started to feel creative again, sketch and draw again for the first time in over 10 years.  I started to dance again.   I felt inspired.  I felt confident yet calm. I became more resilient.  

I started to trust my intuitive brain and use it alongside my ‘scientist’ brain to come up with creative solutions to problems and to start creating my dream life--the one I only dared dream about before.  

It wasn’t without its ups and downs but my whole life started to change and people started to notice.

I started to dance again.
I felt inspired.
I had energy.   🙂

my new tribe of fun dr
friends at the ABIHM
conference in san diego 2015  🙂


Finding my Tribe

When I started my own practice, I was already using my own brand of ‘holistic’ and ‘mindbody’ medicine with my patients but constraints in the government health system made it difficult.  

50 patients a day, not being able to bill for things like nutritional medicine, teaching patients how to relax their brains and bodies, the pressure to prescribe ‘quick pill fixes’ that had nasty side effects or just didn't’ really work.

I started to feel isolated and alone in my different approach to health despite my patients loving what I did and getting amazing results.  I started to feel like I was burning out fast.

My boyfriend (now my husband;) came across a new emerging speciality in the US and a link to their annual conference and urged me to to check it out.   

This is how I discovered that I wasn’t the only medical doctor using a holistic approach and getting amazing results--it was becoming an entire movement in the US and supported by major institutions like Harvard University.  

I booked my ticket to san Diego to attend their annual conference and by the end of the first day, I knew I had found my tribe of academics who shared my vision of health.  

It was an extremely emotional week of discovery and connecting and helped me get re-inspired and more sure than ever of my mission.

I continued to study to become an Integrative Medicine Physician more formally and in 2012 wrote my US board exams to become certified in this very new speciality that focuses on the best of natural non-pharmaceutical approaches to achieve peak health on a body, mind, brain and spirit level and my sub specialty focus became mindbody and nutritional medicine.

I also started a youtube channel in 2012 to share with my patients and clients all the latest tools, brain hacks, and stress resilience and wellness practical tips I knew but didn’t always have time to deliver 1-1 in my government medical practice.

It became a hit quickly with my patients in Vancouver and word started to spread.

Making it Simple, Making it Work..

Most of us don’t want or have time to meditate for an hour each morning (and neither do I!), nor do we want to spend thousands of dollars on expensive tests and supplements indefinitely.

Making life changing Stress Detox & Peak Performance tools accessible to my friends and clients and patients who were crazy busy, stressed, tired and had stress-related health issues became my mission.

Working on a body ‘symptom’ level with foods and supplements was helpful and worked to drastically reduce symptoms but never seemed to ‘cure’ chronic stress-related health niggles and guarantee peak mental performance, clarity and resilience from future stress.

After a while, even with having the ‘perfect’ eating and supplement routine people were hitting a wall, and it happened to me too.

That is when I really dug into the neuroscience behind what causes stress in the BRAIN because this is what drives problems in the body too.

When you tackle problems like overwhelm, low energy, digestion and sleep problems using a brain based approach the results last longer and you don’t have to be strict with what you eat and can reduce the amount of supplements you need to stay on track.

I’ve used my decade of research, practice and experience to create the ultimate stress detox and peak performance programs for busy people who need practical powerful solutions to stress so they can feel better, think better and work better and enjoy life more!

It is a simple yet powerful system based in cutting edge brain research, nutritional & mindbody medicine.  

My programs are designed to put your body and brain to enter into a state of natural self-healing and peak performance and then reconnect you to your passions and creative brain so you can discover your purpose and lead your most fulfilled life.  

I’m so glad you found me so you can start stop surviving and start thriving!



my patients & clients needed
MODERN tools & didn’t have
time to meditate for an hour
each morning

I can't say enough about how much Dr. Dani helped me through my struggles managing my newly diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis in my early 20's. Now, 7 years later my rheumatoid arthritis is almost completely in remission. I can run, do yoga, and tackle anything else I want to. My rheumatiologist (who I also adore) is often baffled by my remission, but I know without a doubt that it was Dr. Dani that got me there.

Erin S

I was really depressed when I saw you and your advice of daily meditation and relaxation techniques have helped tremendously to lift my spirits. I can deal with my problems more positively, and it’s been a big change! I even have more energy, less joint pain and my eosinophil count has lowered. I do believe that my state of mind has had a beneficial effect on my illness. Thanks again for your life-changing advice and for giving me hope again!”

British Columbia