thrive in modern life

By Rewiring Your Brain & Nervous System

"This blog is dedicated to Neuro Wellness wisdom & practical
tips to help you heal your body, calm your mind & elevate your
resilience so you can thrive in modern life."


Meet Dr Dani

Dr Dani is one of the world’s leading experts in wellness, neuroscience & resilience.

Her Youtube Channel has reached over 1 million + people and in the past 10 years she has helped over 10,000 patients & clients heal from issues that have no good western medicine answer.

She has studied Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard, yoga & meditation with rishi’s across India & South East Asia & Nutritional Medicine, QEEG brain scanning & neurofeedback brain training with the top leaders in the world.

She was one of the first & youngest physicians to recieve the highest level board certification in evidence based natural medicine worldwide, Integrative Medicine (ABOIM) the newest American Board of Physicians Specialty (ABPS).

Through her company Zen Brain Lab, she trains wellness professionals in Neuro Wellness & runs Retreats In Bali. Neuro Wellness is a system she developed over a decade of personal experience that integrates guided meditation & visualization, neurofeedback & nutritional medicine.

About Dr Dani

My Story

" A decade ago, I had burnout-levels of stress, got sick all the time and felt overwhelmed and even had to be on the pill constantly for bad periods even though I ate healthily, exercised and did yoga regularly.  

What I discovered was that at the core of all these issues is a frazzled, dysregulated nervous system and I became dedicated to healing and ‘rewiring’ my own nervous system.  

I found out what worked (and what didn’t) through years of research, practice and personal development and the results of my journey is what I want to share with you here so you can start to thrive too, regardless of where you are starting from now.

Modern Life Has Changed us. We live in a state of nervous system overwhelm most of the time without realizing it. Multi-tasking and fitting more into smaller amounts of time is the new expectation for ‘normal’ people.

Yet we report feeling more tired, less satisfied with life, and more ‘disconnected’ than ever before, because this state is not ‘normal and natural’ for your brain.  Our brain & nervous systems haven’t caught up to the demands of modern life.

Living in this state has created an explosion of health problems that are holding us back from thriving such as hormone imbalances, PMS & period problems, overwhelm & anxiety, leaky gut & digestion issues, poor sleep, adrenal fatigue and burnout syndrome, poor focus and brainfog.

The key to healing and starting to thrive lies in rewiring our brains & nervous system to respond differently to the unique demands modern life places on it.  I am going to show you how do it using a simple system based in ‘neuroscience with soul’ to build the resilience we need to truly thrive in modern life.  

I’m excited to share it with you and see you transform your life too!

About Dr Dani