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Would You Like To Start Healing Your Digestion For Good Today So You Can Finally Feel Normal Again?

The IBS Relief program is a new approach to dealing with IBS based on the latest research coming out of the emerging medical fields of Integrative Medicine and Psycho-Neuro-Immunology and from respected centres Like Harvard and Beth Israel medical schools.

It is the same support program Dr Dani uses in the treatment of her own in person IBS patients. It works because it integrates ALL the approaches that have shown to be effective in helping with IBS and packages them together in a simple step by step, week by week format. It is quite simply the most effective and integrated program for IBS there is.

Many clients have had extraordinary results using this program alone, seeing complete elimination of their IBS symptoms, without seeing Dr Dani in person. The program is extremely simple to follow and broken down into 7 weeks with each week containing videos, downloads and action steps including all the resources you need to heal yourself from IBS.

Disclaimer: Statements made here should not be taken as medical advice or diagnosis & are not meant to replace advice from an in person qualified health professional. Results are not guaranteed & may vary from person to person.

Issues With The Common Options For IBS Sufferers

1. Visiting your GP

"The test came back negative, There is nothing wrong with you"

Is a common responses people feel they get from their GPs. They end up getting prescribed anti depressants, anti spasmodics and other IBS drugs that simply don't work. Many end up feeling like they are crazy as they feel their doctor's concern does not seem to match with the suffering they experience, especially when all the tests come back 'normal.'  These negative experiences unfortunately often result in a loss of trust for mainstream medicine, because it is focused on test and drugs, which are not helpful in dealing with IBS.

2. Visiting A Naturopathic doctor
Naturopaths have a much better understanding about the the food and diet components of IBS but most patients end up on very restrictive, complicated  diets which are just not feasible long term. Patients are often get told they are allergic to everything and often spending hundreds of dollars each month on supplements that still do not get to the root causes to heal IBS.

3. Trying to heal yourself using books and online resources.
There is so much misinformation out there and it is impossible to know who to trust after losing faith in mainstream medicine. Even the good information that is out there is often confusing and hard to follow, without a clear simple plan.  Healing from IBS takes time and it is very difficult to keep doing the correct things to heal without guidance from a trusted scientifically sound source.

What You Will Learn In The Program

  • How IBS is just a label invented by western doctors to describe a group of symptoms that they could not explain the cause for after ruling out everything else.
  • How you probably have hidden food tolerances you are not aware of even though you have tested negative for celiac disease (or wheat allergy) and lactose intolerance.
  • How the food allergy tests commonly used are unreliable and often give many false negative & false positives, meaning people are told they have an allergy when they really don’t, or told certain foods are safe for them when in fact they are actually intolerant to these items
  • The only completely accurate way to discover for sure which foods are symptoms triggers for you
  • The specific lists of foods and substances that have been researched and shown to be the most specific triggers for IBS symptoms
  • How most of these food intolerances are from a disrupted gut flora, or bad bacteria and yeast kicking out the healthy bacteria that protect your digestive tract
  • How refined sugar, refined carbohydrates and other inflammatory food staples of modern life can cause this disruption in gut flora to start, just like toxins and antibiotics can.
  • How even occasional antibiotic use over years in certain people can trigger the start of IBS and that probiotics are only useful when used in a specific way, with a specific type of bacteria strain and used for a specific amount of time
  • How there are 2 natural & inexpensive supplements that have actually been proven by the research to significantly reduce IBS pain and bloating and constipation that don’t need to be taken forever.
  • How the IBS drugs given by conventional doctors don’t work because each only treats 1 or 2 symptoms and none act on the root causes of IBS so will never be a cure.
  • How stress, or daily small seemingly insignificant ‘mental threat’s of modern life can cause actual physical injury to the lining of the gut at a micro level but you can’t see it with standard western medicine tests and that the gut’s specialized immune system is injured by the inflammation caused by this stress.
  • How there is a direct connection between our brains and our special gut nervous system, called the brain-gut- immune axis and malfunctions in this pathway are responsible for the root causes of IBS, even though this is completely ignored by western medicine approaches
  • How chronic low grade stress or daily mental threats actually changes the brain and our nervous system in some people who are prone to something called HPA axis hyperactivity, when our brain ‘does the wrong thing’ and responds inappropriately to mental threats, as a consequence of getting confused with the ancient ‘danger’ system that used to help us run away from saber toothed tigers thousands of years ago! These brain changes directly impacts the complex nerve circuits in your gut that control digestion and causes IBS to start
  • That there is a specialized kind of clinical hypnotherapy that can dramatically reduce IBS symptoms and even eliminate them for good in some people, by repairing the brain-gut-immune axis, restoring nervous system balance & repairing the gut lining.

What You Get With The Program

  • The Latest IBS Research

    Over 5 hours of videos with downloadable pdfs explaing the latest IBS research & how you can use it to get relief from each specific IBS symptom, delivered over 7 weeks in manageable modules.

  • IBS Hypnotherapy Program

    A complete 7 week IBS hypnotherapy recording download program using the exact same protocol shown to address the root cause of IBS successfuly in the research that can leave you symptom free

  • Eating For IBS Guide

    Videos explaining how to eat for IBS including a 50 page download containing the complete lists of foods and substances shown to be triggers for IBS, and others shown to be safe, as well as dozens of IBS safe recipies

  • IBS Yoga

    Videos of the specific yoga postures which have been proven in the latest IBS research to help IBS by massaging and stimulating the digestive organs and activating the parasympathetic nervous system

  • IBS Supplement Guide You Can Trust

    A complete guide of the specific supplements & probiotics proven to help IBS, that dont cost a fortune and how to store and take them specifically so they actually work.

  • System To Identify Your IBS Triggers

    Find Out How to easily remove the top 5 IBS trigger foods & Learn how to identify which of these are specific triggers to you so you don’t get left on a restrictive diet forever and actually enjoy your food.

What Does Cause My IBS Symptoms?

The latest research is suggesting that IBS symptoms are caused by almost undetectable injuries to the gut lining & a disruption to the guts specialized nervous system & immune system. These problems are generally the result of low grade daily 'mental threats' that we all encounter each day in modern life.

Some people's brains and bodies respond inappropriately to these mental threats, and develop something called HPA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) hyperactivity, where the main stress or 'danger' system of the body gets turned on when it shouldn't and your body 'does the wrong thing' because it is constantly perceiving threats, in this case, daily mental threats that many people call 'stress'.

This has to do with the sympathetic arm of your nervous system being inappropriately activated when it shouldn't. This causes malfunctioning in the signal pathways of the brain-gut-immune axis, causing two problems:

  • 1

    You often crave the very foods that cause more gut inflammation

    And also cause bad bugs to take over the gut because of high circulating cortisol and other stress hormones that affect satiety. Refined carbohydrates cravings are the norm because they make your brain produce more of the 'happy' hormone serotonin, which gets really low in HPA hyperactivity.

  • 2

    Your gut becomes hypersensitive to the proteins on certain foods

    Due to the damaged gut lining, your gut becomes hypersensitive to these certain foods leading to an inflammation reaction in the gut and IBS symptoms like 'Going' all the time, or not being able to go, bloating and feelings of extreme discomfort, Cramping, Pain and Spasm and Severe flatulence

And this still happens despite all the test coming back 'normal.' This Inflammation reaction is a viscous cycle because the constant inflammation prevents the gut from being able to heal itself. IBS symptoms can also be triggered by signals in the brain as a 'wrong' response to mental threats, due to HPA hyperactivity- so stress alone can cause symptoms to flair, without food triggers.

Why Can't We Test For IBS?

Western medicine is very focused on tests and drug approaches and the disruptions to the nervous system and damage to the gut lining cannot be easily tested for with conventional medical tests and scans, because they are so small. Drugs cannot repair disruption to the signalling pathways that are disrupted in the brain-gut-immune axis because we currently have no drug invented that is effective at changing complex neural networks. There is no drug able to treat stress- induced HPA-axis hyperactivity.

As a result most IBS sufferers repeatedly visit their doctor and come away feeling disappointed, frustrated and helpless as they are offered no solutions, or given drugs and pills that only work partially if at all. Most Western doctors have none or very little training in non-drug approaches to disease such as evidence based nutritional and mind body medicine approaches such as gut specific hypnotherapy and gut nutritional medicine (the two most effective single approaches for IBS), as they do not learn about them in medical school.

Groundbreaking research is coming out now in the fields of Integrative Medicine and Pyschoneuroimmunology supporting the use of these treatments in IBS, however western medical centres are not structured to prescribe these approaches and this research is not yet filtering down to family physicians.

Why Do I Have IBS But Someone Else Doesn't?  I'm Healthy & We Eat The Same Foods

Because the Root Cause of Digestive Problems and IBS is NOT Food. Food intolerances are a consequence of the root cause: Dysfunction of the Brain-Gut-Immune Axis, Bad Gut Bacteria & Yeast Overgrowth, Causing Damage to the Gut Lining.

We also Live in an environment filled with chemicals, air and water pollution, foods laden with pesticides & hormone residue and mental 'threats' which are also 'toxic' to the nervous system. Some people, for reasons not fully understood, are more susceptible to the negative health effects from toxic foods and mental threats and develop something called HPA hyperactivity.

The result is a CONSTANT chronic activation of the body and brain's danger systems, causing dysfunction of something called the Brain-gut-Immune Axis, and also causing food cravings for the very toxic foods that lead to Bad Gut Bacteria & Yeast overgrowth in the Gut. The end result: Gut Lining Injury, Inflammation and IBS and or severe digestion problems!

Your 'Toxin' Burden: A Reality of Modern Living:

  • Constant low grade 'Mental Threats'
  • Inflammatory Foods (Refined Sugar, White Flour, Alcohol, Caffeine, Dairy)
  • Exogenous Hormones (birth Control Pills, steroids, hormones in meat and dairy)
  • Environmental Toxins (pesticides & herbicide residues on foods, air pollution, cigarette smoke & 2nd hand, car pollution)

What Is This Brain Gut Immune Axis?

The Brain-Gut-Immune Axis refers to the complex network of signalling pathways you have that send messages between your brain and your gut and your immune system. These pathways are chemical messengers and made up of neural networks so you can't 'see them' with the naked eye, like an organ or a tumour.

Evidence that stress or daily small 'mental threat's of modern living, is responsible for both the start of and perpetuation of gut inflammation via something called the brain-gut-immune axis, also know as the 'brain-belly connection', is supported by emerging new research in the field called Psychoneuroimmunology.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the medical speciality that is emerging due to the work of scientists that are now bridging the gap between brain neurochemistry, psychology and immunology to create a new 'breed' of medicine. It is all about looking at the complex interacting between thoughts, emotions brain neurotransmitters and the immune system and gut.

People with IBS have actual differences in brain neural pathways that influence their brain-gut-immune axis and cause IBS pain. This is one of the reasons why only working with food triggers won't cure ibs, and IBS drugs can never get to the root of what causes ibs to get rid of of it for REAL. So your brain actually directly affects IBS and conversely, IBS affects your brain too through specialized signalling agents of the brian-gut-immune axis.

Luckily, you can learn how to normalize these signalling pathways and support your brain-gut-immune axis to conquer ibs for good and get more energy and feel normal again.

The brain-Gut-Immune Axis also explains why there is no such thing as stress being 'all in your head' and why our thoughts and emotions affect digestion. Emotional stress, daily mental threats, worries and frustrations cause your brain to make different peptides, and this causes profound changes to the messages sent to the gut disrupting digestion on multiple physiological levels, leading to the development of digestive disorders, like IBS. So, there is no such thing as 'it's all in your head' when it comes to IBS, but because the Brain-gut-immune is poorly understool by western medicine, doctors rarely address this central problem in IBS and therefore have no good tools to get rid of IBS and functional digestive problems.
This is very frustrating for people suffering with IBS because going to the doctor usually doesn't result in a cure or even good symptom management, and people feel more alone, confused and distressed about what to do about their symptoms.

The brain–gut axis is a key regulator of normal intestinal (ie. GUT) physiology; for example, psychological stress or chronic mental threats of daily modern life, can actually alter gut barrier function, development of food allergies and changes in behaviour. And it goes the opposite way too, based on new research: when intestinal events, such as gut bacterial infections and bad bacteria colonizing the gut, this damage to the gut lining can affect the brain, memory and mood.
So this means the Brain-Gut-Immune axis is a bi-directional axis: animal studies have proven that when exposed to stress, if the gut healthy bacteria is disrupted (ie. due to bad food, gut infection, antibiotics) acute stress causes memory problems, and inability to form new memories. In mice given probiotics and with healthy gut bacteria, stress did not affect memory.
This also explains why many people who suffer with IBS and digestion problems also struggle with stress, anxiety, low mood and low energy, because the gut health is linked to ALL of these problems directly! So it's not 'all in your head!'

How Bad Gut Flora Causes Your IBS

Your Gut is filled with billions of good bugs, or flora that start setting up shop right after you are born, and grow with you and help form your gut barrier to protect you from infections, food allergies, and even help regulate your hormones and MOOD!

This is all good until the 'Toxin Burden' of modern life becomes too much for our sensitive gut environment to handle and your good bugs can't thrive and stake their claim against 'invaders': i.e. bad bacteria and yeast. There is no one 'bad' bug and we all have a small amount of yeast as part of the normal flora, but when our body started to cave under the pressure of the toxin burden, the bad bacteria and yeast start to take over real estate in your gut.

They push out the good guys that are protecting you from infections, inflammation and making vitamins for you so that your gut lining becomes injured and gets 'leaky', leading to letting in food proteins it shouldn't which combined with inflammation cause food reactions and ibs symptoms to start!

This starts a viscous cycle of micro-inflammation in the gut lining, gut injury and bad bugs causing continual damage in your gut so every meal becomes a potential 'minefield' of food triggers for your symptoms. When our flora is disrupted, it also has an affect on your BRAIN--in fact, animals with disrupted gut flora have trouble LEARNING new things and making NEW MEMORIES! This explains the many other non-digestive symptoms that many IBS sufferers experience, like low energy, brain fog, mood lows, feeling stressed and tired constantly.

How Enteric Nervous System Dysfunction Causes IBS

The gut has a special nervous system called the ENS (short for Enteric Nervous System). This ENS is also called the 'little brain' or the 'Brain in the Gut'. The ENS actually LIVES in our gut, and communicates with our brains via the brain- gut-immune axis signalling pathways. These pathways get disrupted in IBS.

The ENS is the control room of digestion and everything that takes place in yoru gut: motility (or the ability to move things throug the gut), secretions into the gut, bloodflow, and even control of your gut's immune system! It does all of these crucial things at once and--it's so important and 'smart' in iteslf that scientists have nicknamed it the the 'brain in the gut' or the 'little brain'.

The nerve circuits of the little brain are so complicated that modern medical science is still discovering them and all the things they control. If this little brain or even one small part of it in't working properly, or some of these nerve circuits are either too excited or the opposite, too sluggish, diesease of the gut result, including IBS and IBS-d. So your thoughts, response to 'mental threats' and emotions feed back to your Brain in the Gut and have a direct effect on your IBS and digestion.

So if your body is responding inappropriate to mental threats and making 'unhappy peptides' or neurotransmitters in the brain, these can cause IBS symptoms and actually do damage to the lining of the gut, creating problems with your gut barrier function and leaving you open to food intolerances and ibs symptoms!

How The Relaxation Response Can Heal Your Gut

The Relaxation Response or the RR was discovered by a famous Harvard scientist in the 1970's named Dr. Herbert Benson. The Body's Relaxation Rsponse is a state of of focused, relaxation in which the body's two nervous systems, are in perfect balance, and the Sympathetic Nervous system is Toned, and the digestive smooth muscles are getting the right signals from the brain which equals normal, smooth digestion with no diarrhoea or constipation.

By Activating the Relaxation Response, HPA axis hyperactivity can begin to be reversed, so that your your brain-gut-immune axis sends the right signals to your gut, eliminating pain, diarrhea, constipation and bloating from a brain level. The Relaxation Response is an actual physiologic response within the nervous system that we have been born with, built into our bodies and minds that shuts off the opposite pathways, or acute danger response pathways but altho it's inborn most of us have forgotten how to use it in modern life to counteract the harm of daily mental threats we encounter every day.

Learning how to access your inborn RR is the first step to peppering the damage to the brain-gut-immune axis and reversing HPA axis hyperactivity that is keeping you sick with severe digestive problems and IBS by causing ongoing injury to your gut lining. You Can do this Using simple techniques that take minutes a day but have dramatic benefits in only a few weeks without drugs

How Gut Directed Clinical Hypnotherapy Heals IBS

A landmark 12 week study on hypnotherapy and IBS involving patients with severe IBS, left all subjects with either mild or absent symptoms at the end of the 12 week, with the most dramatic improvements in the first 4 weeks and no significant changes between weeks 8 and 12.

These were people who suffered the worst cases of IBS--so this means that in 3 months or less, it is possible to be free of your IBS for good! And this was only using 1 technique of hypnotherapy, if you combine hypnotherapy for IBS with the multimodal approach to repair the gut lining and the brain-gut-immune axis from multiple angles, it is clear to see how the process can be more effective.

Hypnotherapy specific to IBS, gut directed hypnotherapy, is one of the most effective treatments for IBS and other functinal digestive disorders and is not just a 'placebo' as doctors once thought-it actually outperforms drugs and conventional medicine therapies for IBS and as far as single treatments go, it is the most effective way to treat IBS successfully.

Using Years of Experience and the Latest Research on IBS, I have developed a system to heal the gut in IBS so you can stop feeling bloated, constipated and suffering with belly pain and diarrhea.

The 3 Steps To Healing From IBS

  • 1

    Identify and remove food triggers from the diet

  • 2

    Use specialized probiotics & supplements to kick out and replace the bad bacteria & Yeast with Good Bugs

  • 3

    Use Specialized Gut-directed Hypnotherapy and other mind body techniques to repair the Brain-Gut-Immune Axis and Reverse HPA hyperactivity which is causing gut lining injury and your symptoms.

It Is Possible For You To Get Relief From Your IBS

When the common IBS trigger foods are removed from the diet, the gut lining can then settle down and have a chance to repair itself. Whilst the gut is in a non-reactive state, probiotics and other supplements are used to accelerate the healing process and IBS specific hypnotherapy can be used to help heal the gut further, repair the disrupted nervous & immune system pathways in the brain-gut-immune axis, and reverse stress-induced HPA hyperactivity.

IN addition to repairing the gut immune axis, hypnotherapy trains you you to deal with stress better, so in the future mental threats of modern life will no longer affect you in the same way so your brain and your gut will not react with bloating, pain, constipation and diarrhea of IBS.

If you suffer from IBS, it IS possible for you to finally manage & take control over your IBS symptoms for good, even if you suffer from severe IBS & have yet to find anything that works for you. Single approaches you may have tried in the past didn't work because one single same approach for everyone ignores the complex nature of IBS.

It's also why no one drug works for IBS for everyone, and for multiple symptoms. In order to Conquer IBS, you have to go deeper than just foods, you have to work with the mind because IBS actually starts with dysfunction of the Brain-Gut-Immune Axis.

How The Program Works

  • In this program, you will learn how to remove all the common IBS food triggers identified in the latest research from the diet for 5 weeks in the 'Elimination Phase', so it is possible for you to eliminate all food induced symptoms. At the end of the elimination diet phase you will be shown a specific way to reintroduce the potential IBS trigger foods back into the diet, so you are not left on a restrictive diet forever.
  • You will learn how to use the specific supplements proven in the research, and IMPORTANTLY- how to use them correctly so they work, to repair the gut lining and reduce symptoms further (Most people use the incorrect supplements and probiotics, store and use them in an incorrect way, and do not use them for the correct amount of time for them to work effectively).
  • You will also receive a complete program of mind body medicine audio and video tools to use daily, including a complete IBS gut directed hypnotherapy program designed to repair the brain-gut-immune axis and reverse HPA hyperactivity, a series of specialized breathing exericses and a special yoga for IBS series.
  • At the end of the program, most people can expect to see a dramatic reduction in their symptoms and in some cases, complete elimination of symptoms. And all this is supported by the latest IBS research studies.

Dr Dani's IBS Story

"From a young age I watched one of my own family members suffer from IBS, I saw their pain and frustration and the feeling of helplessness after going to doctor after doctor and them being told 'There is nothing wrong with you' or 'It's just IBS, your lucky its nothing serious.' or 'you just have to live with it and try to eat more fibre'.

After years of hearing this over and over, they didnt even bother going to the doctor with their symptoms anymore, even though the symptoms were ruining their life, because it just made them feel bad about themselves, or worse feel like they were crazy and alone, because no doctor was able to help.

So I watched my loved one go through years of this, with the pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea trying the drugs, the diets, all the supplements and probiotics, everything that promised relief but only delivered disapointment & reinforced the belief that was nothing that could be done, that they would never feel normal.

When I first started medical school I was certain that I'd be able to use all the resources I would have as a doctor and researcher to find the silver bullet for IBS and help my loved one. I poured through medical text books and sought the advice of the best gastoenterologists who specilazed in diseases of the digestive system.

They recommended a high fibre diet, antispasmodic drugs & even anti depressant pills, all of which my loved one tried and resulted in disapointing failure. It seemed that IBS was a mystery, even to them and I started to lose hope of ever being able to bring relief to my loved one.

But then I had my first breakthrough. As I realized that western medicine did not have any answers, I began to study more natural medicine, and since I was already an avid yoga practitioner, I started there--by investigating something called mind body medicine.

I started to discover real research that most doctors had never seen or heard about in medical school--into the physiological connections between our brains and our bodies and an explanation for many conditions that western medicine finds impossible to treat effectively, like IBS.

I started to work towards becoming a mind body medicine and Integrative medicine expert and through this less drug biased branch of medicine I began to uncover new exciting research showing IBS could be treated and even cured successfully without drugs.

Most of these discoveries I found from my research into the emerging field of medicine called psycho neuro immunology which studies the interaction between our thoughts & emotions and our nervous and immune systems. So, because the root cause of IBS is dysfunction of the brain-gut-immune axis causing injury to the gut lining, I was finally able to explain why just cutting out food triggers alone doesn't cure IBS (despite food intolerances playing a role).

Repairing the dysfunction of the special nerve circuits in our gut due to low grade chronic stress is the only way it is possible to get rid of IBS symptoms for good.

Again, This Is What You Will Learn In The Program

  • How to remove the top 5 IBS trigger foods, which cause the vast majority of IBS food-related symptoms in an injured gut.
  • How to identify which of these 5 main trigger foods are specific triggers to you so you don't get left on a restrictive diet for the rest of your life
  • Which inflammatory foods are causing damage to your gut flora and killing your good bugs in the gut
  • How to identify ANY specific food triggers and remove them from your diet so you can actually enjoy eating out again
  • Everything you red to know about food and IBS with our IBS Eating Guide containing lists of all possible trigger foods, safe foods and quick and simple recipes
  • The 3 specific supplements that actually help IBS, that you don't have to take forever and how to take them correctly so they actually work.
  • Which specific probiotic to take & Importantly, how to take it, to regrow the healthy flora in your gut
  • What supplement to take to quickly soothe and relief the IBS pain and spasm, starting from day 1.
  • How to use a specific natural supplement to end constipaton immediately, while your tummy and digestive process heals over the weeks
  • How mental threats of modern life or stressors actually causes IBS & quick & simple breathing & meditation techniques to use anytime to decrease the reactivity of your gut, leaving you feeling confident and empowered.
  • How to use the complete IBS hypnotherapy recording course, which will reprogram your Brain-Gut-Immune Axis and 'rewire' the malfunctioning nerve circuits in the gut
  • How to use the recordings & relaxation techniques to reverse HPA Axis hyperactivity, decreasing body cortisol and stress hormone levels so you can break the vicious cycle of an overactive stress or 'danger system' turned on all the time in the body.

Who This Program Is Not For

This program is not for you if you are looking for a 'Magic Bullet' or instant overnight 'quick fix' for your IBS. There is no overnight cure or magic pill you can take for IBS. This program involves lifestyle changes including dietary changes and putting aside 10-20 minutes each day to listen to your IBS hypnotherapy recordings or other mind body exercises.

If you are not prepared to make the time to do the exercises, you won't get better. And the research shows the best results are achieved when these lifestyle changes were adopted for a period of 4 - 12 weeks.

Why This Program Is Different

It is not just a diet or supplement or drug approach. Diets and supplements and drugs all treat symptoms of IBS, which is why they NEVER work long term. You already know it doesn't work because you've probably tried these things before. That’s like taking Advil for a head-ache when what you really need is a new prescription in your glasses to stop the eye- strain that is causing the headache in the first place.

Instead, in this program you will learn how to rebalance your brain, nervous system and the nervous system in your gut that is causing your IBS in the first place- repairing the Brain-Gut-Immune Axis that is at the root of your pain, constipation, bloating and diarrhea.

This is the actual CAUSE of IBS and when you address the CAUSE of why you got IBS and how it started in the first place, you can get rid of symptoms for good, and as a bonus, feel energized and watch any extra pounds melt away, because digestion is connected to all of these other things too.

What People Who Have Taken The Program Have Said

How Do I Get Started?

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Access to the full program is $99 which is less than the cost of 1 Naturpathic doctor visit. And if for whatever reason you are not happy with the results of the program in the first 30 days, you can get a full refund.

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