What is a backpack?

Each student, whether home based or school based, needs an tool that will help him or her to carry equipment’s: stationery, snacks, books, water bottle and some electronic devices, around them. Hence backpacks come in handy to their refuge. But what is a backpack? It's not just any other bag, it's a bag with shoulder straps that allow it to be carried on one's back comfortably. They are commonly referred to as book bags as they are carried around by mostly students. Back packs are of different types; with different designs, size and prices, however, the best backpacks for college students depends on the the tastes and preferences of the students, as the purposes they serve may be of subtle differences.

Benefits of the best backpacks for college.

The best backpacks for college are those which are secure and very comfortable when moving around with them. When one purchases the best backpack, they tend to see just one problem solved, little do they know the other benefits that accompany purchasing the best back pack for college. Peace of mind: you don’t need to worry about straining your shoulder with a satchel full of heavy books or strain your hands with a hefty handbag, with your loads on your back supported by shoulder straps, you feel relaxed and assured of comfort.

It saves money; when it comes to the type of bags, backpacks are the best cause they are of good quality which is durable and sticking. Because of the purpose they serve, they are made of strong materials and appealing designs. Best backpacks for college are time savers; once you have purchased a durable backpack.it saves you the time to go back to the market in search for a new backpack. Moreover, with a backpack, one can maneuvers easily freely without straining.

Features of the best backpacks for college students.

For you to consider the best backpack, there are desirable features that the best backpack for college should posses. After identifying why you want to get that backpack, based on style, comfort or purpose, look at it's quality. In quality, there is more to material and lining strengths. The best backpacks for college should have; Lots of compartments.

Truth be told, there is a lot of theft in college. You .would not leave your electronic gadgets anywhere, as they will be stolen. A laptop compartment in a back pack is necessary, so that you may conveniently carry your laptop with you wherever you go. Tablets, smartphones, must have a compartment in the backpack where they can be kept safe. Best backpacks for college must have pockets for pencils and pens, for easy access and safety.

Padded straps.

They must be strong enough and give you as much comfort as you want.

Reliable fastenings.

The best college backpacks should have lockable zippers, so that your items are very secure in the bag. Wheels and long handle.

As you drag the best backpack for college, the wheels must be strong to support the weight and the handle long to prevent you from stooping.

Advantages of best backpacks in college.

•   They keep you organized. With the many compartments, one is able to pack different items meaty in their respective compartments hence get organized.

•   They boost the appearance of a person. Best college backpack express what you feel. They give you confidence through out and a sense of discipline.

•   They are long lasting and reliable.

•    With the high quality materials that they are made off, they tend to stay longer and stronger.

•   With the different styles and sizes, the best backpacks for college suite the different needs if students. Disadvantages of best backpacks for college.

•   They are very expensive to purchase because of the quality they are made hence most students cannot afford it.

•     Best backpacks for college are targeted by pickpockets. As you bump into people you may not be able to notice someone stealing in your bag.

•    You cannot escape security checks. Best backpacks for college are sometimes misused by some students to carry prohibited items like drugs, guns knives.

•   They can cause health problems such ad muscle strains and spasms on the bones of back a d shoulders. Also one may be forced to stoop while walking if the load is heavy.


Best backpacks for college, are of good quality with many benefits that are ling term. If you get one today, you are assured of comfort, security and reliability.


Dr Dani Gordon is a double Board Certified Medical Doctor & Resilience Trainer. She specializes in helping individuals and leadership teams in high-pressure occupations extend their careers, increase their energy levels and recover from burnout & stress related health issues using home based neurofeedback & mindbody medicine resilience programs.