The 2015 Showerheads You Need To Try OutWho said you should always have the old traditional shower heads when there is so much the technology has to offer. There are many showerheads in the market you need to try out. Here is a look at the best shower heads of 2015.

1. Hydroluxe® Deluxe 24-setting 3-way Shower ComboThere are 24 full and combined water flow patterns you can choose from. The other feature that makes this shower head stand out is the 5 Full Setting High-power Shower Head and Hand Shower. Have an easy time when taking a shower by making use of the angle-adjustable overhead bracket and the 5’ super flexible stainless steel hose.

2. Luminex Air-Turbo 7-Color Led 24-Setting Shower Combothe best way to give your bathroom a disco feeling is buy installing the LuminexTM Air-Turbo 7-Color LED 24-Setting Shower Combo. You can either use two luxury showers separately or both for the 24 different water pattern. The LED lights do not use batteries or electricity, they are powered by the running water. The 7 vibrant colors change and gradually blend into one another automatically after a few seconds.

3. Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM Low flow showerheadAre you looking for a better way to save your water bill? Try out the Niagara’s Earth Showerhead since it uses 75% less waters that the traditional “low-flow” shower heads. That’s not all, the patented pressure compensating technology still guarantees a powerful and consistent flow rate whether the water pressure is high or not.

4. A-FlowTM AirPowered Luxury Dual Function Showerhead

The A-Flow AirPowered Luxury Dual Function Showerhead has been created with the AirPower technology system that enriches the water with enough air to give you soft and pleasant water droplets. You need a shower head that improves aeration to give you a feeling of spring rain shower and that’s what you get with this showerhead.

There is a wide range of showerheads to choose from in 2015. You only need to know what you and your family wants. Each of the above showerheads give your bathroom a different feel.


Dr Dani Gordon is a double Board Certified Medical Doctor & Resilience Trainer. She specializes in helping individuals and leadership teams in high-pressure occupations extend their careers, increase their energy levels and recover from burnout & stress related health issues using home based neurofeedback & mindbody medicine resilience programs.